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Buy Calrose rice at Anyamanee Rice Co ltd. Are you in search of Calrose rice , Calrose rice is a medium grain rice. Once cooked, it becomes slightly soft and sticky, making it ideal for dishes where the grains need to hold up, like sushi, soups, or salads. Calrose rice also has a very mild flavor, meaning it can absorb any bold ingredients, such as herbs and spices, with ease.

How to cook calrose rice


Measure 1 cup Calrose rice into a fine-mesh strainer. Rinse under cool running water until the water runs clear. Combine the drained rice, 1 cup plus 1 tablespoon water, and salt to taste in the pot. Lock the lid in place and set to cook under High pressure for 6 minutes.

Buy Calrose rice

Buy Calrose rice at Anyamanee Rice Co ltd. Are you in search of rice that sticks together, isn’t dry, and is suitable for sushi? Well, you can stop looking. Buy Calrose rice buy Food to Live has short, almost round grains and a pleasant nutty taste. When cooked, this rice variety is mushy and creamy. You can use it as a substitute for any other  rice such as Arborio, Basmati, and Carnaroli.

Buy Calrose rice at Anyamnee rice


Buy Organic Short Grain White Rice is an excellent choice for sushi since it cooks up sticky and holds together, which is crucial for nicely-shaped rolls. Besides, this cultivar is great for risotto, paella, stir-fries, rice bowls, and as a side dish to almost anything. It can also be eaten on its own as a morning porridge, either sweet or savory.

Nutritional Value

Buy Organic Short Grain White Rice is a true staple food and an important part of a well-balanced diet. Rice is high in carbs, which are the body’s primary fuel source. Furthermore, Buy Organic Short Grain White Rice provides great amounts of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, Thiamine, Folate, Potassium, Copper, and Riboflavin. This grain is known to have a positive impact on our digestive system, bones, and nerves. Moreover, rice has almost no fat and doesn’t contain cholesterol.

Why is it called Calrose rice


Store Organic Short Grain White Sushi Rice in a moisture-proof container, away from odorous materials in a cool dry area.

How to cook  Buy Calrose rice

The name “rose” indicates its medium-grain shape (“Blue Rose” is an earlier medium-grain developed in Louisiana), and “Cal” pays homage to California, the state of the grain’s origin and production. Eighty percent of the California rice crop is Calrose rice

We have prepared cooking instructions for both open and closed pots.

Open Pot:
  • Thoroughly rinse and drain 1 cup of rice in cool water
  • Soak in water for 30 mins
  • Drain and add 1 cup of fresh water
  • Bring to a boil and reduce heat to low
  • Simmer for about 12-15 mins (or until water is absorbed) covered with a lid
  • Remove from heat and let it sit for 10 mins
  • Ready!
Closed Pot (Rice Cooker / Instant Pot):
  • Rinse and drain until water runs clean
  • Let the rice soak in water for 30 mins
  • Drain and combine rice with 1 cup of fresh water in a pot
  • Cook on high-pressure mode for 5 mins or use the “Rice” mode
  • Allow natural release for 10 mins

Note: For Sushi Rice you will also need to prepare a vinegar mix. Per 1 cup of rice, use 2.5 tablespoons of vinegar, 0.5 tablespoon of sugar, and 0.5 teaspoon of salt. Heat the mix until dissolved and combine with cooked rice (use wooden or silicone spatula


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